Angora goat

In the farm, we raise the Angora goats, which are shorn twice in the year, April and October.

Their wool is sorted by us according to the fineness of the fibers: the wool of the "kids" is the young animals being the finest. Our fleeces then go to the cooperative, in the Castres region, to entrust them to the best craftsmen in France.

Chèvre Angora

The products will be different depending on the qualities of wool harvested: the Kid Mohair excessively soft (often associated with silk) to make products directly on the skin (scarves, stoles, socks, gloves, knitting yarn ...) the mohair of adults used to weave plaids and blankets, very soft, which despite their lightness are very hot.

Chèvre Angora

The Mohair is a living, sensitive fiber, its adiathermic power makes it swell with air as soon as it's cold, it uses the heat of the body that it traps in its fibers; it absorbs moisture, which avoids sweating (socks ...). With our knitting yarns, we knit ourselves, sweaters and jackets, accessories in mohair, we sew from weaves: jackets, hats, caps ...

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