Angora goats

In the farm, we raise Angora goats, 200 goats, which are mowed twice a year in April and October.

Our farm is located in Baskland, in the South West of France where we are breading around 200 ANGORA GOATS. They are shorn twice a year, in April and October. With the upmost care, we sort out the wool by hand according to the fibers fineness. The "kids wool", from young goats, is the finest one. The sorted wool is then sent to Castres, near Toulouse, where we are working with the best skilled craftsmen specialized in wool processing in France.


Different products are made according to the quality of the cropped wool : the extremely soft as silk "KID MOHAIR" is used for making items worn directly on the skin (scarves, shawls, socks, gloves, knitting thread...) and the mohair from the adult goats is used for weaving very soft blankets which are so warm despite their lightness.


MOHAIR WOOL is an alive and very sensitive fiber : it has got an "adiathermic" power which makes the fiber swell with air as soon as the temperature is cold. It catches the body's heat into its fibre and it absorbs the humidity which helps to prevent prespiration (socks...) Jumpers, jackets and many other accessories in mohair are knitted by ourselves.With the weaving fabrics, we sew some other items : jackets, cardigans, hats, caps..